Inspirações de moda feminina

Hello boys and girls, how are you? Here, thanks to God, everything runs in holy peace! 

Today we are going to talk about fashion, trendy women's clothing. Yeah, I know I'm not a fashion expert, but I have good taste. And I'm always looking for inspiration, even because here in my city it seems that creativity stopped for good, you go out in search of a different outfit and always find everything the same. 

So sometimes the best thing to do is search the internet even if it takes a while to arrive, in some cases it doesn't take that long. And in these searches, sometimes I find amazing stores with wonderful clothes and different from the ones I find around here. 

I'll give you a sample of the pieces that inspired me today, which are fashion tops for women. I entered some pieces that I fell in love with, there are everyday clothes that you can wear even for a more special occasion. 

So let's see my inspirations?

Look at this blue dress with this beautiful floral detail, I thought it was super elegant.
This white wrap dress, good for everyday but can also be used for hapy hours with friends, but would also look wonderful to wear on New Year's Eve.
This dress is different from what we find here, I loved the details, simple and elegant, perfect combination.
Tell me what this blouse is? I fell in love as soon as I saw her, well my style of clothes, I need her in my closet.
I love butterflies (I think I can tell), I already want this blouse to be part of my wardrobe.
There could in no way be missing a blouse with cats right? Anyone who always comes here or walks through my social networks knows that I love cats. Taste is not disputed, so... I just say that I loved it!
But there's also this one with paws that I thought was really cute!
That white blouse made me sigh, guys what is this blouse? I found her so glamorous. You can use it with skirts or even look beautiful in jeans and you can also use it to go out at night with friends.
And of course I couldn't miss a Christmas themed blouse, I just loved it, here in the south where I live sometimes it's cold at Christmas, I would love to be able to spend Christmas with this blouse!  All these wonderful pieces you will find at Holapick!

Tell me, what is your style of clothing? What did you think of my inspirations? Would you wear a Christmas or pet-themed outfit?

Enjoy your visit and leave your opinion, it is very important to us! Share with friends!

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I'll go over there and solve some things and come back...
Hugs see you soon...
kisses, minda


  1. Muito bonito os modelos de roupa escolhidos para o post, realmente inspiram.

  2. Oi
    Eu adorei as peças :) são lindas e de qualidade, vou conferir o site

  3. Muito legais as suas inspirações! Eu com certeza usaria as blusas com prints de Natal e de pets. Fiquei encantada com essa blusa de gatinho, achei muito criativa!
    Beijão! ♥

    Relíquias da Lara

  4. Minda amei as peças são lindas e ótimas pra usar no dia a dia, apaixonada pelo primeiro vestido lindíssimo, desejando todos pra mim bjs.

  5. Lindíssimas peças , mais fiquei apaixonada pelo suéter branco com a Gola estrela . Já quero a minha.

  6. As peças são lindas e super atuais, as estampas são uma gracinha
    Alécia, do Blog Arrojada Mix

  7. Olá, tudo bem?

    Essas peças são simplesmente maravilhosas, já fiquei babando demais nelas. Algumas, com certeza, eu iria querer no meu guarda-roupa. Já anotei essas dicas aqui, arrasou!



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