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When you want to make a new hairstyle for black women, they will choose to buy some human hair bundles. After you open the bundles, you will find it just like a weave, so most people call it human hair weave. Black women use human hair weaves make different wigs like straight hair wigs, body wave hair wigs, curly hair wigs, and etc. By other measurements, they call wigs are full lace wigs, lace front wigs, 360 wigs, and 370 lace frontal wigs. 

Wig is sewed by human hair weaves which complete by human virgin hair, there are synthetic hair wigs in the market, but for beauty forever hair company, we only have real human hair wig. It has been used since ancient times, after a long history, it becomes more and more suitable, natural, and comfortable for people who wear it. All of these good experiences gotten by lace. Using lace allowed for a more natural-looking wig because the flesh-colored lace is almost imperceptible. The more common use was a strip of lace just at the front, known as a lace front wig, which gives the impression of a natural hairline. We have light brown lace frontal and transparent lace closure, which are easy to modify to the skin color, it makes your wigs more natural. 

360 lace frontal wigs is pre-sewed by 360 lace frontal and hair bundles, it is light, if you need to wear the hair thick, you can choose more bundles, the density is different, beauty forever 360 lace wig's density is international standard, never too thick, it is comfortable and light.
virgin hair
Lace front wigs are more common, and the remainder of the wig is made out of a less fragile material which is less susceptible to ripping or tearing than the lace. The lace front wig allows the wearer to choose a hairline. The lace is only in the front half of the wig, to allow the wearer to part the hair any way they want. Modern-day lace wigs can be worn while doing activities like swimming and exercising, which make it a popular choice among alternatives. It is also an excellent alternative for anyone looking to avoid adding hair to the scalp via surgical methods. You can also make some baby hair that can cover the lace and make the wigs more realistic. This wigs called lace front wigs with baby hair. 

Full Lace Wigs are 100% hand-made with a cap, and a thin lace is sewn on top of the cap. Individual hairs are then sewn into the thin lace. Full lace wigs will have lace all around the unit, and require the lace to be cut all around the unit. You will be cutting a hairline around your entire head. By doing so, once done you can wear your hair any way you like, ponytails, up-dos, etc. Think about it. With the wig, you have just cut yourself a new hairline around your entire head. Once the unit is applied, you will have on a full hair wig - but the front, back, and sides of the hair wig will not be like a regular wig. The wig will appear that all of the hair is growing directly from your head.
Did you know how wigs were made? Would you wear a wig that looks so natural?

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  1. Sempre quis saber como funcionava isso e super usaria!!

  2. gente! nao sabia que era assim nao.. Adorei saber

  3. Que demais! Eu usaria, principalmente porque meu cabelo tem dificuldade pra crescer, achei super natural e incrível.

  4. uau amei o artigo, adoro saber sobre cabelos, mega hair, laces e tudo mais! gostei muito do site, adoro lojas internacionais

  5. Essas extensões de cabelo são otimas e ficam bem naturais

  6. Que legal, ficam bem naturais. Tenho vontade de usar!


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