Correct way to put a human hair wig without glue, tape, or sticker.

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The correct way to put on a human hair lace wig without glue or tape,adhesive: Applying lace front wig usually requires glue products that only professional can tighten attach correctly natural looking, human hair wigs is a popular type and used by celebrities before they like to put on human hair front lace wig without glue adhesive.

Recently, lace front wig has become widely available to everyone, it has lace hairline that create natural looking, it is very difficult to find the difference between your own hair and the wig hair.

But the application process usually requires adhesive products that only professional can use correctly sometimes, do you know their are front lace wigs that you can apply at home without tape or glue?

Brush a lace front wig with combs or clips.Some of the newest types of front lace wigs come with combs and clips on the inside cap.The combs and clips are sewed on the front,sides and back of the wig,closest to your temples,their is adjustable straps at back that you can adjust the size of the wig for suitable and comfortable wearing .If your local beauty supply store does not carry the new lace front wig, purchase it online or from our site.

 Prepare your hair for application, if your hair is long, put it into cornrows. If you have short hair, purchase and apply a wig cap in advance.Use alcohol or witch hazel around the forehead to remove the dirt and oil that can damage the lace of the wig.
Wash your hands first before working. Do not take out the lace front wig from the package until you have removed excess dirt and oils,occasionally this can ruin the quality of your lace front wig. Cut the excess lace from the front hairline of wig.Cut the lace close to the hairline of the wig, be carefull not to cut the hairs.

Apply the lace front wig.Place the wig on your head so that the inside combs can grip your own hair,the combs and clips and ensure the tip of the wig is laying on top of your natural hairline. Style your hair. Most front lace wigs were styled by manufacturers.However,you can alter this by cutting and styling it by yourself. remember that you can not apply heat to synthetic hair.

Buy the 100% human hair front lace wigs if you want to curl or flat-iron your wig,it is better to choose the straight or natural style and natural color front lace wigs to process.
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  1. Dependendo de como coloca peruca fica falso mesmo.. essa da foto está bem realista!

  2. I definitely liked the post, I wear a wig in my day to day and these tips will help me a lot. thank you!

  3. caraca, acho lace super interessante. teria coragem de usar pra experimentar outros modelos de cabelos. rsrs

  4. Olha eu não sabia como colocar uma peruca, o seu post está bem interessante e com dicas boas. Na fotografia está bem realista :)

  5. Que bacana saber o processo de como é feita. Fica absurdamente realista, muito bom!

  6. Eu acho lindas e se pudesse teria várias rsrs, mas já pensei em comprar uma e não sabia aonde comprar! Gostei de conhecer a Baisi Hair

  7. oi!
    Eu amo essas perucas são lindas <3 e bem naturais, vou conferir o site ;)

  8. oi!
    Eu amo essas perucas <3 são lindas e bem naturais, vou conferir o site ;)

  9. A peruca ficou super natural, achei o resultado ótimo! No quesito mudar o visual, poder trocar de cabelo é um sonho, todas as mulheres têm esse desejo e as perucas são uma opção. A forma de se colocar faz toda a diferença. Fiquei curiosa e lá visitar o site, adorei a dica!

  10. Ficou Top, tem gente que não sabe como colocar e fica mega esquisito, falso. Mas esse ficou bem realista, amei.

  11. Que interessante, eu não fazia ideia do jeito correto de colocar peruca. Eu queria ter várias para sempre mudar o visual.

  12. Tenho vontade de comprar para fazer fotos diferentes sabe, porém não sabia onde encontrar por um bom preço e graças a seu post agora posso comprar sem medo

  13. Não sou muito fã de laces, mas concordo que deve se haver muito cuidado na hora da escolha, para que pareça mais natural possível. Essa da foto está muito bonita


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